Department of General Medicine

Our department of general medicine is equipped to deal with any type of medical emergency and diagnosis. Our general medicine specialist doctors are available 24hours to offer their services & expertise. Our general medicine department has the finest infrastructure and is equipped with different types of equipment to handle disorders which range from diabetes, asthma, fatigue syndrome, first aid, chronic illness management.

The services are complemented by well equipped and well run medical intensive care department

The department of general medicine is staffed by a large complement of competent doctors. The department runs on 24 hours a day basis and OP services between Monday to Saturday, from 8.00 am - 8.00 pm, with special OPD’s on Sundays. Our Physicians are reputed practitioners and competent to diagnose and treat the most complicated medical cases.

We provide the following services under our general medicine

  • Adults Immunization which is run in conjunction with ‘Elder Care’ clinic.
  • Smoking cessation program in association with chest physician and counsellors.
  • Medical health check camps
  • Treatment of High BP and Diabetics
  • Diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Treatment for various types of fevers and inflammations
  • Eating disorders treatment
  • Management of patients after surgery
  • Medical treatment of various types of common infections
  • Treatment of burns and other chemical injuries
  • Treatment of Snake Bite and Poisoning
  • All Immunological Disorders

Besides routine examination and diagnosis of diseases, followed by investigation and treatment. Specialized tests, use of rapid bacterial culture and sensitivity techniques, PCR and other investigation modalities provide the best quality support for diagnosis and treatment.

Our department of general medicine is equipped with a wide range of equipment which are procured from world famous companies. This gives our patients the benefits of world class technologies at Indian price points. Our hospital works tirelessly towards enhancing the standards of medicare through various measures and techniques which are practiced in the best healthcare nations worldwide.