Mr .V.DURGA PRASAD | July 15, 2018 05:25 PM

Best Treatment received The doctors and nursing staff of Queen's NRI Hospital and other staff are very excellent. They are rendering good medical services to the patients in the hospital. Since the time of admission to discharge they are giving the best treatment. My humble request to the management is to continue the same kind of treatment to all those who visit the hospital.
Thank you.

Sameera chiluka

Sameera chiluka | Mar 30, 2018 05:25 PM

Best Hospital since my dad met with an accident 2 days back and we rushed him to Queens. The Emergency department was very quick and very responsive. Initially I felt very scare about my father situation and it is non imaginable situation. His head got severe injury and to see it looked very scare. But at the end of the day my father open his eyes with a bit of relief, hospital afford a very good treatment and I felt there is no such thing like money plucking hospital.
Thank you.


Anitha | Mar 01, 2018 07:58 AM

I had two procedures, recently, for skin cancer. The consultants and the nurses supporting them were cheerful and professional in their conduct. The procedures were unpleasant, yet the members of staff attending to me were calm and empathetic. The first procedure was - excision on 16 January 16 and the second one - mohs' micrographic surgery on 12th Feb. 16.

I felt involved in the process and had a complete trust in the surgeons who treated me. A follow up of checks up and taking out the stitches was done sensitively and with much humanity and respect as I told the nurses that I was in pain. A Dr and a specialized nurse reviewed my wound and advised on a follow up treatment. It is pretty upsetting to fine oneself with 'wonky' face after the operations. However, I feel I'll be OK as I'm supported by experts who are exceedingly supportive.

Akula Ramya

Akula Ramya | Feb 01, 2016 11:29 AM

I have had my delivery here under Dr. N. BHULAXMI, MD DGO. She is awesome. My case was complicated with preterm labor.
She managed normal delivery and a healthy baby. Wonderful LDR room. Trained Nurses. The way how doctors treated me and the nurses behavior are awesome. My family members were very afraid of my condition but by doctors grace everything went well. I feel Queen's NRI Hospitals is the best hospitals in vizag with Al-round Equipment.

Manasa Reethu

Manasa Reethu | Dec 18, 2015 05:12 PM

Best Cardiologist Dr. S.C. Sinha

Hi all, my mother was suffered suddenly with heart pain and immediately we rushed her to Queen's NRI. The Emergency staff response was very active and fast, at the moment doctor Dr.S.C. Sinha ( Cardiologist) came and started treatment for her.
We are very scare and she is the first person to get heart stroke. We don’t know what happening in the ICU room. In a few minutes the doctor SINHA has changed the situation and he motivated us with positive thoughts by saying " SHE IS ALRIGHT NOW".


Shyamala_singh | Nov 24, 2015 07:48 PM

My father went in there and they determined he'd had a heart attack(his second one) and have treated him thus far with the up-most care. If there is an emergency in the family we always go there, they have done surgery on my father last Monday. We hoped my father was in a good doctors hand & its proved.
Nobody really likes hospitals, but this is probably one of the much nicer ones I've ever visited. The building has a good amount of windows that let light in and in general, is pretty nicely designed, which in my opinion makes the hospital a much less depressing place to be.


Priya_radhey | Sep 14, 2015 01:53 PM

My inpatient stay and outpatient follow up:
I was admitted for a renal biopsy which was done with efficiency and skill. I felt no pain. However, after an hour I bled internally, a recognized complication. I was treated with magnificent speed and professionalism by all staff and recovered to leave within two days. I have been followed up since then and all my questions have been answered. The situation with my renal function is still quite worrying, but having such a competent team looking after me greatly reduces the stress of the illness.

Kavya Somani

Kavya Somani | Jul 30, 2015 12:57 PM

Recently my bro got Heart attack and he is in unconscious . We rushed him to our nearest hospital Queens NRI, there i felt very scare before entering into it as so many said this hospital is money based not on patient care. These scaring words rounding in my mind till the end of my bro surgery.
But Finally, the result was good. I dint felt such a poor response. Service towards patient was good enough. Thank you Queen's NRI