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Department of Radiology

Department of Radiology:

Queen’s NRI Hospital offers a range of radiological services from Conventional X-Rays to state of the art Digital X-Ray, CT and whole body MRI, all under one roof. We ensure that the tests / Investigations are done to individual satisfaction in a highly professional ambience.


  • MRI
  • CT
  • 3D Ultra Sound
  • Digital X-ray
  • Mammogram
  • BMD
  • ESWL

Services Offered :

1.5T MRI:

MRI Of Brain, Whole spine, Joints, Thorax, Abdomen, Pelvis, Whole body. MR Angiogram of any part of the body. MR venogram, MR Urogram, MRCP.

16 Slice Voloume CT:

CT scan of Brain, Spine, Joints Orbits, PNS, Head, Neck, Thorax, Abdomen, Limbs, CT-Angiogram, CT-Venogram, CT- guided Biopsy procedures and Dental CT.

Sonography (Ultra Sound):
  • Abdomen & Pelvis
  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • Small Parts – thyroid, salivary glands, breast, scrotum
  • Musculo-skeletal
  • Doppler – arterial & venous –Whole Body

Ultrasound guided intevertions like FNAC, Biopsy, Pig tail drainage etc.

COLOR Doppler:

Doppler study of Carotids, Neck Vessels, Upper and lower limb vessels, IVC and Abdominal- Vessels and evaluation of DVT and Venous system.

  • State of the art Dexa scan with bone mineral estimation of whole body.
  • Whole body fat content evaluation.
Early detection of Breast Cancer

Digital X-Ray:
State of the Art Digital X-Ray for very fast turn around time, low noice and crystal clear picture quality.

  • Computed Radiography for bed side radiographs.
  • Contrast studies like IVP, RGU, MCG, Barium studies, t-tube cholangiograms.

Our Doctors

Dr Uma Maheshwar Rao Appointment NRI Hospital

Dr. Uma Maheshwarao

Senior Radiologist
Head of the Department
Dr Usha Chalasani Appointment NRI Hospital

Dr. Usha Chalasani

Breast Radiologist
Dr L.V.V. Prasad Appointment NRI Hospital

Dr. L.V.V. Prasad

Consultant Radiologist
Dr Lalitha Appointment NRI Hospital

Dr. Lalitha

Consultant Radiologist